Environmental Engineering BSc, specialization of Environmental Management

Brief description of the specialization

The specialization deals with the economic and social related questions of the use of environment. It gives knowledge about the structure and context of environmental institutions and the tools of environmental management.

Responsible colleagues: dr. Gábor Bartus assistant professor and dr. Tibor Princz-Jakovics assistant professor

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Subject Code
International Practice of the Environmental Management BMEGT42A017
Environmental Practices in Energy Management BMEGT42A015
Complex Environmental Management Practices I. BMEGT42A019
Complex Environmental Management Practices II. BMEGT42A021
Environmental Valuation and Risk Management BMEGT42A022
Environmental Economics BMEGT42A402
Environmental Economics I. BMEGT42A004
Environmental II. BMEGT42A005
Environmental Management Accounting BMEGT42A016
Environmental Performance Evaluation BMEGT42A404
Environmental Management BMEGT42A403
Environmental Management BMEGT42A014
Environmental Strategies BMEGT42A018
Strategic Environmental Assessment BMEGT42A020
Thesis Work BMEGT42A023
Professional Practice BMEGT42A030

Engineering Management Bachelor program - Environmental Management specialization module (in Hungarian)


The aim of the specialization module is to provide relevant knowledge and develop the competences of students in the field of Environmental Management. The students become able to apply the knowledge in concrete cases through gaining experience at various case studies comprehending the effect of different European Union policies on the development of the field. Participants at the Environmental Management specialization module acquire relevant and up-to-date knowledge and competences which they would exploit both in academic and business furthermore public administration sector.

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Subject Code
Environmental Valuation - Sectoral Sustainability Studies BMEGT42A025
Environmental Economics BMEGT42A011
Environmental Management BMEGT42A013
Project Work I. BMEGT42A026
Project Work II. BMEGT42A027
Thesis Work BMEGT42A028

Subjects in Bachelor Program

Subject Code
Environmental practices in energy management BMEGT42A006
Environmental and Regional Policy of the EU BMEGT42A007
Strategic Planning of Climate Protection BMEGT42V200
Sustainable Business Models BMEGT42V201
Waste Management BMEGT42A008
Waste Management BMEGT42AL04
Industrial Ecology BMEGT42AL02
Climate Change – Advanced level BMEGT42V100
Environmental Economics BMEGT42A011
Environmental Economics BMEGT42A001
Environmental Economics BMEGT42AL01
Environmental Law BMEGT42A009
Environmental Management BMEGT42A010
Environmental Management Systems BMEGT42A003
Regional Economics BMEGT42A012
Regional Economics BMEGT42A002

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