Domestic Projects

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2021 2024 OTKA-K21-138053

Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of road transport technologies and interventions 

Research team


2021 2024 OTKA_FK 137595 Spatiotemporal analysis of climate adaptation and urban sustainability NKFI
2014 2015 KTI zaj Development of cost-benefit analysis methodology for noise prevention plans Institute for Transport Sciences
2014 2015 KIR-Piarista Development of environmental management systems in accordance with standard Hungarian Province of the Piarist Order
2014 2015 Edu-Talent Climate-KIC Edu_Talent project - Development of curriculum, course materials for programs certified by Climate Kic Climate KIC
2014 2014 Csömör LA21 Local Agenda 21 for Csömör Municipality of Csömör
2013 2013 Jövőre fel! "Jövőre fel!" ("Up to the Future!") was a social responsibility project managed by the students of our Department. The aim of the project was to make children living in disadvantaged regions familiar with the benefits of being involved in higher education PriceWaterhouseCoopers Hungary
2013 2013 NESI Economic and social impact assessment and evaluation of the implementation of the Second National Climate Change Strategy (NÉS-2) Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (KEOP 7.9 )
2012 2013 REMAP Conceptual and feasibility study on the Resource Efficiency Planning Platform Office for National Economic Planning
2013 2013 Pilissz LA21 Sustainability plan for Pilisszántó settlement Municipality of Pilisszántó
2013 2013 RESPLAN Starting a resource efficiency planning platform Research and Technology Innovation Fund
2011 2012 BME TÁMOP-2 New talent management programs and research projects at BME - Research topic: Tracking and identification of the dimensions of sustainability with simulation methodology. Project 1. Dynamic analysis and simulation of adaptation capacity indicators. Project 2. Development of discrete simulation model in order to analyse the relationship of sustainability and various development phase units of societies. TÁMOP-4.2.2/B-10/1-2010-0009
2009 2011 BME TÁMOP-1 BEK-P4-T3 project - Sustainability-sustainable development BEK-P4-T4 project - Climate protection-global climate change TÁMOP-4.2.1/B-09/1/KMR-2010-0002
2009 2010 CCT Studying the effects of climate change on tourism and adaptation opportunities Ministry for Environment and Water
2009 2009 X.ker TÁJÉK Development of information brochures promoting sustainable consumption among local residents and related study for the municipality of district X. Municipality of District X., Budapest
2007 2008 ENEREGIO Renewable energy management on subregional level National Research and Technology Office
2007 2007 X.ker KP Revision of the Environmental protection program of Ditrict X., Budapest Municipality of Ditrict X., Budapest


International Projects

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2023 2026 Interreg: NiCE

From Niche to Centre - City Centres as Places of Circular Lifestyles (NiCE)

The NiCE project focuses on two main challenges - a transformation of central places in cities that make it easy for their inhabitants to implement sustainable lifestyles and at the same time to (re)animate centres in a more circular way.

The partnership will show various practical approaches in different settings that strengthen new forms of consumption and make them visible in urban centres while bringing all relevant stakeholders together.

Educational, inspirational, and exchange formats at transnational, national and regional level will transfer the project results to municipalities, regions, providers of alternative consumption and business models, citizen associations and policymakers and invites for further joint activities to establish circular city centres throughout Central Europe.

As part of the project, the primary task of the Department of Environmental Economics and Sustainability at BME is to provide scientific background, to lead the first workpackage (Workpackage 1) on the topic of circular economy, as well as to support the preparation of pilot projects, monitor their implementation and develop an indicator-based framework for performance evaluation.

2014 2017 GreenPlay Game to promote energy efficiency actions H2020
2012 2015 EPISCOPE "Energy Performance Indicator Tracking Schemes for the Continuous Optimisation of Refurbishment Processes in European Housing Stocks" EU Intelligent Energy
2012 2014 DANTE Lifelong learning - GRUNDTVIG LLP, Sustainability and education EU GRUNDTVIG
2014 2014 IMEA Integrated Measures for an Energy Efficiency Approach INTERREG IV/C
2010 2013 Energy City Improvement of building energy efficiency in Central Europe using a special method EU Central Europe
2013 2013 WaterCoRe Water scarcity and droughts; coordinated actions in European regions EU INTERREG IVC
2010 2012 Market-UP Market uptake of transport research and role of actors and regions EU FP7
2009 2011 ESPON Climate change and territorial effects on regions and local economies EU ESPON 2013
2009 2011 EUF Lifelong learning - Sustainable urban development (Experts for Urban Future) EU GRUNDTVIG
2008 2011 Press4Transport Virtual Press Office to improve EU Sustainable Surface Transport research media visibility on a national and regional level EU FP7
2006 2009 EPIGOV Environmental Policy Integration and Multi-level Governance EU FP7
2006 2009 SU:GRE SUGRE - Sustainable Green Fleets. Alternative Fuels and Alternative Propulsion EU FP6
2004 2007 RaRe Rhetoric And Realities: Analysing Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe EU FP6