Regional and Environmental Economic Studies MA

During our master's program we educate experts who are able to analyse spatial, environmental and international aspects with regards to EU policies, sustainability challenges in the future. Our students can reveal complex interrelations regarding spatial development issues, and they can be proactive actors of strategy development.

We are looking forward to applications to our state-funding training. Engineers, energetics, public administration managers, pedagogues, geographers, technical managers and economists are all welcome, who can obtain their master economist diploma after the end of MA.

Main speciality of Regional and Environmental Economic Studies MA is to transfer knowledge about responsible and future-oriented decision making processes and planning issues with a special focus on possible solutions of sustainable development and climate change. Our courses are highly project-oriented ones with a strong emphasis on team working and continuous interactions between students and lecturers. We are proud to announce that numerous courses gestured by Department of Environmental Economics are available both in Hungarian and English beside the strong international perspective of these courses.

If You have any questions about our master's program, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: (Dr. Horváth György Ádám) and (Dr. Buzási Attila) or in person at our department.


Sectoral Sustainability Studies BMEGT42M111
Sectoral Sustainability Studies BMEGT42MN11
Environmental and Regional Policy of the EU BMEGT42M105
Environmental and Regional Policy of the EU BMEGT42MN06
Thesis Work BMEGT42MN12
Thesis Work I. BMEGT42M110
Thesis Work II. BMEGT42M112
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42M104
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42M016
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42MN03
Economic and Social Geography BMEGT42M102
Economic and Social Geography BMEGT42MN07
Environmental Economics BMEGT42M100
Environmental Economics BMEGT42MN05
Environmental Management BMEGT42M108
Environmental Management Systems BMEGT42MN13
Regional- and City-Marketing BMEGT42M109
Regional- and City-Marketing BMEGT42MN23
Methods for Regional and Environmental Analysis BMEGT42M103
Methods for Regional and Environmental Analysis BMEGT42MN04
Regional Economics BMEGT42M101
Regional Economics BMEGT42MN02
Regionalism in the modern Europe BMEGT42MN09
Urban Economics BMEGT42M106
Urban Economics BMEGT42MN19
Regional Economic Development BMEGT42M107
Regional Economic Development BMEGT42MN08

Environmental Engineering MSc, specialization of Environmental Management

Brief description of the specialization

The specialization deals with the economic and social related questions of the use of environment. Following the project management approach it deepens the knowledge about environmental planning and the possibilities of environmental management.

Responsible colleagues: dr. Gábor Bartus assistant professor and dr. Tibor Princz-Jakovics assistant professor

Further information:


Thesis Work I BMEGT42M415
Thesis Work I. BMEGT42M029
Thesis Work II BMEGT42M419
Thesis Work II BMEGT42M030
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42M016
Waste Management BMEGT42M017
Circular Economy BMEGT42M416
Environmental Valuation and Risk Management BMEGT42M417
Environmental Valuation and Risk Management BMEGT42M018
Environmental Economics BMEGT42M410
Environmental Law BMEGT42M026
Environmental Marketing BMEGT42M418
Environmental Marketing BMEGT42M019
Environmental Performance Evaluation (PROJECT 2) BMEGT42M414
Environmental Performance Evaluation BMEGT42M020
Environmental Planning BMEGT42M412
Environmental Planning BMEGT42M021
Environmental Management BMEGT42M411
Environmental Management BMEGT42M022
Environmental Management Systems (PROJECT 1) BMEGT42M413
Environmental Management Systems BMEGT42M023
Local Sustainability Programmes BMEGT42M024
Professional Summer Practice BMEGT42MN18
Project Work 2 BMEGT42M420
Regional Development BMEGT42M025

Engineering Management Master program - Environmental Management specialization module (in Hungarian)


The aim of the specialization module is to provide relevant knowledge and develop the competences of students in the field of Environmental Management. The students become able to apply the knowledge in concrete cases through gaining experience at various case studies comprehending the effect of different European Union policies on the development of the field. Participants at the Environmental Management specialization module acquire relevant and up-to-date knowledge and competences which they would exploit both in academic (especially in consultancy) and business furthermore public administration sector.

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Thesis Work 1 BMEGT42MN25
Thesis Work 2 BMEGT42MN26
Thesis Work BMEGT42MN22
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42MN20
Environmental Performance Evaluation BMEGT42MN21
Modul Project Work BMEGT42MN24

Subjects announced to master students

Subject Code
Economics of Sustainable Development BMEGT42M004
Sustainable environmental and natural resource economics BMEGT42MN17
Theory and Practice of Environmental Economics BMEGT42M003
Environmental Economics BMEGT42M400
Regional Economics and Regional Development BMEGT42M006
Corporate Environmental Management BMEGT42M005