As a part of our training philosophy, we strive to improve our students' skills in systemic thinking. As such, we wish to enable students to complement the skills they have acquired in university with work experience, and with experiences and knowledge that can be obtained in the rest of the European Union. For this purpose, our department actively promotes student mobility through the Erasmus framework and other exchange programmes.

Our department is dedicated in providing excellent quality education for guest and exchange students at our university, as well as the regular students in the English-language programmes, by offering our courses of excellence in English, helping them gain quality knowledge and skills widely useful in practice, and helping them become experts in their vocation. Through these courses, we also aim to provide an opportunity to gain world-class knowledge and community experiences for those students who may not have had an opportunity for student mobility. These courses have proven to be highly popular amongst students, and justifiably so: we strive to continuously improve our course material, whilst ensuring that the skills that students obtain are useful anywhere on the planet. Our department has set the aim of broadening the range of courses offered in English, thus allowing us to better satisfy the professional needs of our students.

Available subjects:

Course Code Course Name Which semester? Level?
BMEGT42A011 Environmental Economics Spring BSc
BMEGT42A012 Regional Economics Fall BSc/MSc
BMEGT42A022 Environmental Evaluation and Risk Management Spring/Fall BSc
BMEGT42A410 Environmental Management Systems Spring/Fall BSc
BMEGT42M104 Sustainable Environmental and Natural Resource Management Spring/Fall pref. MSc
BMEGT42M105 Environmental and Regional Politics of the EU Spring pref. MSc
BMEGT42M111 Sectorial Sustainability Studies Spring/Fall pref. MSc
BMEGT42M400 Environmental Economics Fall pref. MSc
Climate Change – Advanced Level
Fall BSc/MSc