The „F- factor” is the series of public talks organized by the Department of Environmental Economics.

At the event various eminent scientists and researchers are invited to give a lecture to those interested. The guest in November was Associate Professor Bart van Hoof from Universidad de los Andes.

The teacher gave a very interesting lecture. In the first part of the lecture, he talked about his personal story as a Dutch researcher in Bolivia. He talked about today's events in Latin America, how life is different from our routine. The audience learned why there are so many opportunities for sustainability in Latin America. The story of environmental protection was also discussed.

After the exciting first part, he talked about business opportunities in Latin America and the circular economy. He also introduced the RedES-CAR ( program. The audience was obviously interested in the lecture, it was a very inspiring atmosphere.

After the lively presentation, it was free to ask. We hope everyone enjoyed the presentation and we thank Bart van Hoof for the visit!