New publication in urban studies about local loyalty

„Measuring factors affecting local loyalty based on a correlation network”, a joint publication of Dr. Mariann Szabó assistant professor at BME GTK Department of Environmental Economics and Sustainability, with three co-authors (Dr. László Gadár, Dr. Zoltán Lantos and Dr. János Abonyi) was published in the D1 rated journal Cities. Through the identification of loyalty components and potential drivers, a data-driven approach based on correlation networks was employed to identify critical factors influencing loyalty at varying levels. The methodology was applied in Veszprém, Hungary, the European Capital of Culture in 2023, using a representative survey. Factors associated with high local loyalty include well-being, employment opportunities, healthy social relationships, and strong family ties. Conversely, the least loyal group is characterized by weak connections with friends, neighbours, and colleagues, as well as living in unsafe environments. The article is available here: