GreenPlay project is completed – with participation of Department of Environmental Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is the largest technical university in Hungary. Department of Environmental Economics and the Department of Building Service Engineering and Process Engineering have played project’s leadership role in a Horizon 2020 project called GreenPlay funded by the European Commission for the last three years. The consortium includes 7 organizations from 3 countries, namely France, Spain and Hungary. (See details from the GreenPlay project here:

The GreenPlay project aims to raise the awareness among citizens and reduce energy consumption through the development of an innovative solution, gathering: 

  • real-time energy consumption monitoring, 
  • a smart advice generator, 
  • a serious game. 

Demonstration of feasibility of this solution will take place in three European cities (Vigo in Spain and two cities in France), in 200 residential homes. GreenPlay success will boost research in energy efficiency solutions for citizens and will enable decreasing energy consumption.

In order to implement the GreenPlay project, a consumption monitoring device was installed in homes involved in the demonstration phase. This solution is based on the technology developed by eGreen: sensors and an associated internet platform for monitoring consumption in order to raise awareness about energy efficiency. 

The sensors are installed in the electric panel of the home, on the general power supply, and on the branch circuit supplying the heating and the water heater. A transmitter sends data of consumption to a wireless gateway. This gateway transmits the information through a secure and encrypted channel to the internet router of the household. A temperature sensor is also installed to measure thermal comfort of the home. 

Consumption data are stored on a private internet platform, reachable through the eGreen website ( Each home can have an overview of its energy consumption in real time. Diverse functionalities are proposed to users to encourage sustainable behaviours, in a social and entertaining way: monitoring consumption, consumption targets, comparison with friends or anonymous neighbours, advice or alerts in case of overconsumption. 

The GreenPlay solution is integrated with this device in order to offer a connected energy- focused serious game which is available for everyone who is interested in it through the website with or without smart sensors in the players’ home. 

Our department is highly proud to be involved into the consortium and it is looking forward to being a member in such a successful and innovative research project in the future based on our comprehensive knowledge in the field of sustainability.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 649621